[Movie Review] There will be Blood

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    I was right, it's better then Atonement. On to the review.

    Daniel Plainview would be the most ruthless character put on film this year had it not been for Anton Chigur in No Country For Old Men. That doesn't mean the performance (by Daniel Day-Lewis) is any less of an achievement. It just means he's evil, but not that evil. Anyway, There will be Blood tells the story of how Plainview built up an oil empire. He builds its up relentlessly, stepping on anyone in his way, reneging on deals, exploiting his son; anything to get to the top. When he reaches the top, he keeps going. The film begins with Plainview, working alone in a mine shaft. Slowly as he gains more money and power his operations grow. But he remains largely alone. He never allows anyone to get to interfere with his quest; when his son is injured, he pulls him to safety and returns to work. The film is all performance, the story of a mans obsession is there, but its takes a backseat to watching Lewis create this fiendish character. It's beautifully shot, there are long, unbroken shots of the open prairie that are tremendous. But again, all of it exists to showcase Daniel Day-Lewis.

    3.5/5 OSNN Stars.

    It deserves any Oscars it wins this year, but I still prefer Juno and No Country For Old Men.