[Movie review] The Punisher

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sazar, Jul 19, 2004.

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    just watched this after a long time.. had been wanting to watch it for ages but hadnt had the chance..

    it was filmed in tampa while I was still there and we heard many of the explosions go off @ night when we were playing tennis next to downtown :D

    anyways... the movie starts of promisingly enough... thomas jane is a decent enough actor and john travolta is passable for the most part..

    the films pace varies (annoyingly sometimes) but nothing tops the beginning where all events are placed into motion in rather nice fashion...

    as frank castle gets to work naturally there are some strange occurances that just make no sense whatsoever and near the end I was just shaking my head... the lack of character development in some areas is just maddening and a coupla other things that REALLY stood out are john travolta's right hand man... wtf? his wife knows about him and HE doesn't?


    anyways... as a shoot-em up and for a nice beginning this movie might be worth it... personally I have to admit I was entertained though once I started to think about things I got a headache lol...

    overall not a bad flick for a pop-corn/mindless weekend...

    I'll give it a 3/5 stars OSNN rating...
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    Yeah..was entertained too. He really puts the hurt on some people. I think Travolta sucks in most movies, as well as this one, but it's still worth watching. John T. plays kind of a bit part put the punisher hands out pain like a mother effer.
    Worth a rent.