[Movie Review] The Matador

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sazar, Feb 12, 2006.

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    I watched this a week or so ago and I loved it :D

    The movie is basically a pierce brosnan flick, post 007 of course :)

    It's a silly movie with some retarded situations and some very cliched roles and scenarios but at the end of the day, its a FUN movie :D

    Brosnan has gotten into a habit of making movies like this. Thomas Crown Affair and After the Sunset come to mind, but in this movie he is not stealing things (well, in a manner of speaking he is, but you know what I mean :D )

    The movie bounces around and is slipshod in its production as well as being unevenly paced. The music is also non-descript BUT Greg Kinnear and Pierce Brosnan do an excellent job as a pair of opposites.

    If not for their two-some setup in the middle of the movie, Matador would have been a mediocre effort. Instead, they lift it up to a level of decency that makes it enjoyable for the most part :)

    Acting is pretty decent and the dialogue is sufficiently filled with dry humour to keep things plugging along.

    I give this a 3/5 OSNN rating, decent effort, fun flick.