Movie Review: The Expendables (May Contain Spoilers)

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    Howdy Everyone,
    Just got back from a pre-showing of the expendables and I left that theatre with a big smile on my face. Let me just say, if you liked the new rambo movie by Stallone then you will love this movie, it has plenty of explosions and gore to satisfy any man. The character development is kinda good, in that it makes you connect with a few of the characters and of course Jason Statham displays his bad-ass martial arts skills as well as some throwing knife perfection. Stallone is his usual or just brute craziness, Jet Li is the short guy who is still pretty awesome and Terry Crews is the guy with the AA-12 (lets just say.... He does work). If you know who Eric Roberts is then you will be pleased to see him in this film playing a pretty evil guy.
    The movie had an excellent soundtrack (If you like CCR and Thin Lizzy). And did I mention it had just a few explosions and gore.

    In short, this movie is the perfect "guy movie", its not sophisticated and its not romantic, its just good clean(bloody) fun.

    P.S. There is no scene at the end of the credits so don't bother waiting until the end of the ridiculously long credits to find out.

    Oh Yea,
    I forgot, Mickey Rourke is also in The Expendables (as I'm sure you know) and although he looks exactly like he did in Iron Man 2 (I mean exactly) he does have a different accent and is a pretty cool guy in the movie.
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    nice review, will go to see on your recomendation