[Movie Review] Thank you for not smoking.

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by Sazar, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Preface. Um, the title says it all :cool:

    Essentially, it is a satirical docu-drama with political/health related under-tones.

    And it is bloody good :smoker:

    Aaron Eckhart does a great job and all his supporting cast do their caricatured bits brilliantly as well.

    The dialogue is snappy and to the point, especially by Eckhart. He will make you WANT to have his job :cool:

    Great pacing, great acting and a few pitchers of Dos XX or something similar will make it even more enjoyable.

    4/5 Osnn stars.
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    Wait, if I get sloshed before the movie, how will I know if it is a good movie?

    People look better sloshed--fact. So wouldn't this strange phenomena also apply to movies?

    Or were you talking about getting sloshed after teh movie? Usually when you get sloshed and post in your "sloshed" thread your fingers revolt and type random letters into the words, thus perplexing us english speaking people, except for Tittles. He talks like that normally.:D
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    i want to see it bad....thanks for that info!!