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    first I have to tell everyone I grew up with the original show and the franchise can do no wrong so take my revue with that grain of salt

    now for the revue, I'm going to put this in spoler tags even though I give no spoilers however if you go in prepared it might not be as enjoyable, let me start out with

    A FRIGGING MAZING! and then go to spoler

    I'm not as good as saz for revues so forgive please my gushing and lack of expertise describing my night

    first of all, I didn't know what to expect, I haven't seen the previews nor read anything about the flick so I was surprised to find out with glee it's a pre quil describing where most of the lore derived including nick names and relationships

    they revisit a few of the classics, bringing back favorite charachters including memorable repesentation from characters who've appeared in as few as a single episode

    I have no idea how they cast these actors but just about everyone was spot on the money representing the cast we remember but in their youth, the only one who didn't bear a striking resemblance was kirk himself but the acting was spot on if you wanted to imagine him as an adolescent

    affects to my mind were more then adaquate with very few scenes I thought were cheesy, cheap or over the top, the main story, (the universe will be destroyed unless the enterprise can come through of course) was not nearly as interesting as the sub theme, the comming together of the enterprise crew

    anyway, I can find nothing wrong with this flick, true to the lore with plenty of original episode allusions to put a smile on your face throughout

    I know most of you are rue to give out 5 stars but there it is, unsophisticated me giving it just that, I'm sure there are faults with the film that I missed but I couldn't get enough of this film
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    Re: star trek

    I didn't watch the spoiler as I like the original and TNG as the best ones. I heard a lot of good reviews about this one. I might go see it ..
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    Re: [movie revue] star trek

    It was badass
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    Re: [movie revue] star trek

    you may want to fix the title ;)