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    Let me first say that Pulp Fiction could be the greatest movie of all time. I bring this up because Hostel is being marketed as "Quentin Taranatino presents Hostel", and chances are certain people will think QT made it. Well he didn't, he produced it for Eli Roth. This is the same schmuck who made Cabin Fever. That fact alone should tell you enough about it. Roth is supposed to be the savior of the horror genre, thus far all he's done is buried it a little deeper.

    Enough ranting, on with the review.

    Basic plot summary ..... uh ... well.... plot? I guess you could say that its about some horny kids who, while backpacking though Europe end up in a Hostel that exists only to provide rich people a chance to hand pick a tourist to torture them to death. Thats not really a summary, its everything that happens in the movie. Throw in some extreme gore and then roll credits. It stars Jay Hernandez, a name people will only know because he was in a movie with Kirsten Dunst a long time ago. Otherwise there is no one of any real star power to be found.

    I must say that the violence doesn't bother me. I watched Irreversible and I watched the Passion. Nothing outside of a snuff film could really shock me. This movie is simply horrid. Its violent for the sake of violence, the acting is bad, the plot is laughable. Above all that ... ITS NOT SCARY!! This is a horror movie with no horror, if you are frightened by blood and guts than you'll find it scary, otherwise its just a waste of two hours. I really wish I could have gone to Brokeback Mountain instead. But it was sold out, I guess that means that the people of Minneapolis have some taste in their movies.

    Final thoughts.... Go see Munich, Syriana or if you can find it, Capote. But don't see Hostel.

    0/5 OSNN STARS!
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    Thanks for the review....

    I've coulda done without this part
    Now I am going to have nightmares...:speechless:
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    Well, if that part would give you nightmares, then you definitely don't want to see it. To put it simply, parts of it could serve as a how to training video to some sick terrorists. It's got blood and gore, but horror, hmm...

    Personally, I'd say Cabin Fever was worse, but that's just me. In the case of Cabin Fever, it was dark yes, but not in the sense of being "horror" or frightening. In the case of horror, this movie comes as close as, well Zarkawi and the like come, with the addition of price levels for the nationality of the people they torture in a slow, painful death. As to horror, many of these movies described as horror of late, are more apt to evoke feelings of disgust, as well as something akin to indignation wrt the perps, then anything close to fear...

    I'll be a little more generious and give it 1/5 OSNN stars, but I'll also say that there are some better movies playing in the theater right beside it at this time...
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