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  1. Ok so I turn on my computer and everythings goin good till i get to the sign in mouse is really jerky so i take it apart and clean on the dust strips on the rollers and blow it out....well its still jerky so I smash it on my desk a couple times in frustration and it works!!....weird! Any Ideas?
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    Yes get a nice optical mouse, don't just buy a cheap one though.

  3. K sounds great.....I'll upgrade it when I upgrade the rest off compaqs mess (7470) or just build a new one....:D By the way, is the compaq 7470 an atx case?
  4. yep there built-in 2 usb's in back and 2 in front onboard, I guess maybe i could of looked it up on google....nawwww:)
    O yeah and the mouse/keyboard/serial/parallel/video/sound ports are build in to
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    The Intellimouse Optical is pretty darn good for gaiming....

    Its from M$ though...