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    Article :

    Great Article , the cnn one is great ...

    Heres a tweak for the mouse Using TweakUI (included in XP powertoys) :)

    Open TweakUI and choose the Mouse tab .

    I recommend that you set the Menu Speed to Fast.

    Under Mouse Sensitivity, adjusting Double-click will let your clicks be closer or farther apart to count as a double click. The number indicates the number of pixels apart your clicks must be. You really need to test this setting to get an idea of what I'm talking about. I set this low, but someone who has a hard time holding the mouse steady might want to set it higher.

    For Drag, you may want to set it a bit higher if your double click is high. This option sets the amount of pixels that an item must be dragged before the system recognizes it as a drag. Compare 1 and 32 if you don't understand. Keep in mind that if you set the drag low, you may accidently drag icons from time to time.

    "Activation follows mouse (X-Mouse)" is definitely a preference option. I personally loathe this, but some people find it's very handy. This option makes Windows automatically select whatever window/program your mouse is over without clicking. For example: you might have Internet Explorer and Notepad open. By moving your mouse over to Internet Explorer, it will automatically be selected


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