Mouse operation problem with DOS Ghost Boot disk

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jssim13, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. jssim13

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    I get a mouse pointer displayed but it doesn't move. I believe is loading ok. In XP(home)under mouse drivers mouclass.sys i8042prt.sys are listed. I've attempted to get these to load (after copyiny to floppy)using config.sys but the pc hung.
    Which files should be loaded and how?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated -thanks.
  2. McCoy2k

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    im not sure if u can. but maybe try to do a system restore back to when this wasnt a problem
  3. Trinity

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    Are you using a PS/2 mouse or USB? If you're using USB you'll need to add the USB support when making your ghost boot disk. You might format the disk or try a different floppy disk, I've had problems in the past getting my ghost disks to work at times.
  4. some motherboards have a setting in bios to turn the legacy usb drivers on or off( in know my intels do), if they are off it sometimes wont see mouse and keyboard off usb ports.
    mouse, keyboard and some hubs are all that will work so plug them directly into board also.

    just an idea as it was my ghost problem once
  5. Waldo

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    I get my USB mouse to load in Ghost by copying to the floppy and running "mouse" at the DOS prompt.
  6. jssim13

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    The mouse that I'm attempting this with is a PS/2 type. I suspect the driver i8042prt.sys that I mentioned is a port driver.


  7. jssim13

    jssim13 Guest

    Thanks guys, I turned the USB mouse support off in my BIOS and the problem is solved.