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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by HaRd^NuT, Dec 23, 2001.

  1. HaRd^NuT

    HaRd^NuT Guest

    I have been using winXP home for a few weeks now and its been fine, but today when I turned my PC on I find I have mouse acceleration!! (not good).
    I havent changed any settings or installed new mouse drivers I've even restored my PC to the other day, but still have this acceleration in all my games and windows it self!!
    I need HELP people!!
  2. ZipTriX

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    Have you messed with the mouse controls in control panel?
  3. HaRd^NuT

    HaRd^NuT Guest

    I havent changed any settings but my dad has been plugging in the tv card and messing with the sound card cables trying to get the tv card to work under XP.
  4. redhook

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    What TV card? I have a Hauppauge WinTV and it works just fine. If the TV card is a Hauppauge tell him to get the XP drivers from As for the mouse accel, turn it off in the control panel under mouse settings.
  5. HaRd^NuT

    HaRd^NuT Guest

    Its a ATI-TV Wonder. I've downloaded the drivers pack for winXP but the card still isnt working, it says to install the drivers then run the software but the drivers wont install for some of the things and the software says it cant find a ATI installed.

    hmm I did use the forum picture uploader but it didnt work, so heres my link.

  6. napalm

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    The MouseAccelleration (None, Low, Medium and High) option is NOT available
    in Windows XP. For some unknown reason MS decided to remove this feature and
    implement it as a built-in mouse accelleration instead. So...mouse
    accelleration is ALWAYS on in Windows XP (I think it's at medium speed).

    If you have a Logitech Mouse and install their MouseWare the Mouse
    Accelleration option will be available. BUT...that mouse accelleration is
    added on top of the built-in mouse accelleration (which will make the mouse
    accelleration even worse unless you select 'none' in the logitech mouse

    The people who claims that they don't have any accelleration have probably
    always played with some dregree of accelleration. That's why they don't
    *feel* anything different. But since the accelleration is built-in it is
    ALWAYS there.