mounting ".iso" images in linux and error in mounting FAT32 drive.

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    hiya i just dual installed linux and windows , having couple of problems here , hehe not really a linux guru :-D anyways i was trying to mount an .iso image in linux i guess the mount commands didnt work anyone have anyideas on how i can do this? dont feel like burning the iso to the cd. ;-( my 2nd problem is i have a FAT32 partition so that both windows and linux can share it however when i try to open the drive linux says " Unable to mount the selected volume."
    error: device /dev/hda5 is not removable

    error: could not execute pmount

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    How are you mounting the drive? Is it listed in fstab? What distro are you running?

    As for the iso image, the following should mount it:

    mkdir /mnt/iso
    mount -o loop -t iso9660 filename.iso /mnt/iso
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    sorry dont quite understand fstab? shheheh linux noob :-( and the iso mounting works fine thx, im using ubuntu.
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    the two commands have to be done from a console window

    one is to make the mount point (folder in this case where the files will sit)
    and the other is to put the files there

    fstab = file system table - basically where all the info about how to mount the drives is stored


    /dev/hda1 / ext2 defaults 0 0

    breaking it down

    /dev - tells you its a device
    hda - tells you its the first hard drive
    1 - tells you which partition it is
    / tell you where its mount - in this case its the main part of the drive - windows c: would be a better way to describe it
    ext2 - is the filesystem
    defaults - just that default settings for reading writing to the drive
    0 0 - how to check the drive should it start acting wierd

    generally you can leave these as is

    you could try in fastab (norm in /etc)

    /dev/hda5 /mnt/point vfat defaults ,rw 0 0

    if i remeber right that is - been a while since i had to mount a fat32 or ntfs drive in linux

    also if it sounds like im taking to you like your an idiot i applogise, not the intention - just trying to explain it as best i can to a new linux user - i used to be one once :)
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    ok ubuntu its for noob thats just a easyer version of debian, go to gentoo and chek this out ;) you will realy lear about linux :)