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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by shulse, Feb 18, 2003.

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    I would like some advice from the all-knowing motherboard gurus please. I am looking to speed up my computer. I would like to install a Motherboard that will support the best type of DDR Ram (suggestions?) and use my current cpu (1.7 P4), but leave the option open to upgrade my cpu in the future. I realize there are a lot of different configurations with motherboards and what they will support (pin size of cpu's, etc...) and would like to supply you with the all of the info for you to make a sound and educated suggestion.

    I have AIDA 32 installed on my machine and would like to know what I need to supply you with to proceed. Under the "Motherboard" category there are the following listings: CPU, CPUID, Motherboard, Memory, SPD, Chipset, BIOS. What contents under each heading do you need to see?

    Thanks everyone...hope this isn't too much to ask.
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    K so you need a P4 motherboard. The current fastest RAM is DDR400 (PC3200).

    Few quick questions
    Do you want RAID capability?
    Do you want onboard sound? <-- I would guess no here as you have an SB Live
    Do you want FireWire?
    Do you want USB2.0? <-- I think most have this now
    Do you want integrated Network?
    Do you want Serial ATA?

    If you can answer those as Yes/No/Maybe's then it might be easier to narrow it down.
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    RAID: - not sure..I don't think so. If I am correct, this is used on a network based computer to minimize data loss and to enhance data recoverability. This is a home pc, not networked and I will only be using one hard drive.

    Onboard sound: - I guess this doesnt matter, although I would think any mobo would support SOME kind of onboard sound. But no, doesnt really matter as I will always have some type of soundcard installed...never less than the SB Live, but will look to upgrade in future.

    FireWire: I use this puter mainly for gaming and not really for digital editing/accessories. I would like the option open in the future and it seems that most manufacturers use/will use this, yes, I would like to support it.

    USB 2.0: This is most likely what I have now as this machine is 1.2 years old. Yes.

    Integrated Network: Not sure. Fancy word. I would like the option to connect to other soon-to-be computers in my household and share internet, drives and peripherals.

    Serial ATA: Again, this seems to fall into place and work in conjuncture with RAID. I will only be using one hard drive and the current speeds that I have have always sufficed. I would think the answer is "no" after reading this:
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    Sorry...that link didn't work. Here is a snapshot of what I was referring to.
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    You'll have to check whether your cpu is 478pin or 423pin. Under the cpu section in the motherboard section. It tells you either 478 or 423 under the heading "Package type". You've just got to get lucky and have 478 :)
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    Call me lucky!

    CPU Properties
    CPU Type Intel Pentium 4, 1700 MHz (4.25 x 400)

    CPU Physical Info
    Package Type 478 Pin uPGA

    Now could some of you offer up a decent mobo that would enable me to utilize all that we have discussed? much memory should I plan to install? 512 of SDRAM was adequate...I would assume the same rings true for DDR....
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    The next question would be how much you are willing to spend on a motherboard. I would suggest the Gigabyte 8INXP if your budget goes that far, meets all those requirements except for firewire (still has usb2.0 though, similar speeds i think?). Dual channel ddr goodness :)
    That with 2x256mb sticks would go very nicely.

    Specs are:
    6 Phase Power
    Intel Gigabit LAN
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    $255 on Newegg. Not too bad, but a little on the high side. Couple that with the memory cost of about $65 each stick for this ram: KINGSTON KVR400X64C3/256 256MB 400MHz DDR PC3200 DIMM RAM CL3 and I am looking at $380. Ouch. Anything cheaper that does the same?

    BUT - this will be one helluva upgrade that will set me straight for some time to come. I figure at least 2 years. When I look at it that way, its not so bad.
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    Don't bother going for the pc3200 ram if you are going dual channel, pc2700 in dual channel is plenty enough to satisfy the bandwidth requirements of p4's, get the cas2.5 ram.

    For motherboards there is also the abit it7 max v2.
    845PE chipset (non dual channel)
    Onboard LAN
    6ch audio
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    Thanks for the info! I now have some decent know-how and can make a good purchase.

    Thanks again...