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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by utherca, Jun 26, 2002.

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    Hey All
    First of all, I have been reading this forum and browsing the site ever since I updated to XP. This is easily the best XP resource I have found. Now for the question:

    I would like recommendations for a new AMD MoBo. I am interested in stability, performance, and ease of install (I am not a hardware savant). I use my system for gaming (GTA3, MOHAA, Jedi 2, etc.) The setup will involve a GeForce 4 and Creative Audigy and DDR memory. I am not interested in onboard sound/network card/video/raid controller (I do not understand what advantages raid offers a home user). Any ideas
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    abit makes motherboards without onboard brikabrak and they're a very established brand known for reliability and performance.

    if you want the fastest out, get one with a kt333 chipset which will use pc2700 memory. abit's is the KX7-133. if you don't want to spend the extra money on a high-end motherboard and ram, the kt266a chipset (uses pc2100 memory) is still really good. the KR7A-133 is abit's fastest no-raid kt266a motherboard.

    i still recommend the kt333 chipset though as it's not that much more $$$ and offer 25% more memory bandwidth (which comes in handy with games). and if anyone else knows about other brands that don't offer onboard sound, etc, go ahead and post. i just don't know of any.
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    msi kt3 ultra
    Soyo SY-KT333 Dragon Ultra
    Epox EP-8K3A+

    ive used the epox and msi....been very reliable for not into overclocking so wouldnt be able to tell you how these boards perform in that aspect.
    havent run into any problems so far (6mos) however i think i may have damaged the board or chip because of my case modding addiction:) always taking it apart

    i just ordered the soyo dragon ultra that board is expensive:)...looks cool tho:)
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    one word.. well 3 actually!..


    You cant beat there boards, IMO
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    woops forgot about asus

    shame on me:)
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    Shuttle AK35GTR(kt266a) or AK35GT2R(kt333),,, Both raid
    Shuttle AK31A(kt266a) or AK35GT2(kt333),,, No raid...
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    yup thats the one i just ordered:)

    are u usin that board too?if so how is it? the only junk thing i read about that soyo baord was that it dont read the athlonxp diode:(

    only the msi and another board(i forgot) reads the diode
    oh well looks cool tho dont it:)
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    I'm using the Soyo KT333 Platinum. Excellent board. Have had no problems using it in conjunction with my SB Live Audigy Platinum and Gainward Ti4400.
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    I recomend an EPOX 8KHA+ fitted with the VIA KT266A Chipset.
    (DDR266 and Ultra DMA/100) which is fine for CPM/86 and XP but limits you to AMD CPU's or socket "A" CPU's with a core speed of 1.45Ghz or should that be an AMD 1700+. Can't remember.

    The KT333A chipset (nearly available) is also ok if you want to wait for drivers that were delivered for the KT266A chipset. I don't understan this either???


    See Latest 4-In-1 download!!!!!.
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    Please explain.

    Dave H
  14. dave holbon

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    To catch23

    Your own posted kit is identical to the hardwre suggested.

    Dave H.

    Bad Day.
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    Tom's Hardware...I had lost respect for them until I read that article...
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    Just my two cents,
    I have had Great stability and performance out of the ECS boards, I like the K7VTA3 I have as my second system, it's running a AMD 1600+.

    I also own other ECS boards and like them also.

    2 good points
    1) Stable
    2) fast

    1 bad point
    1) not for the overclocker clan

    The ECS boards are not designed with overclocking in mind but they are probablyy one of the most stable boards around.

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    And why, praytell, is that?

    A) My mobo is rock solid reliable
    B) The 266A is faster than the 266. period.

    Hmmm, that sounds good to me.
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    Another 2 words...!

    ASUS A7v333 :D I'd but that if I was getting an AMD setup.
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    hmmm, interesting.

    my only experience is w/ my Abit board, which a friend and I both own, and no issues whatsoever...
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    friend of mine has the kr7a-raid and dad has a shuttle ak31a (both kt266a)... and they're flawless, from what i've seen.

    so, i'm curious... what kind of problems, catch?