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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Hadel, Aug 25, 2002.

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    Abit vp6 motherboard

    I have had this board for over a year now, however, for no reason whatsoever my pc started freezing on the desktop straight after booting (once all hard drive activity stops) . I hadnt installed any device or program in at least 2 weeks when this occurred and I hadn't changed any settings in bios or on my operating system. When it failed to get passed the ram count I had to go into bios and the only setting which made a difference was turning my cpu down to 500mhz (5x100). Acouple of weeks later it wont boot up without freezing on desktop no matter what the settings.
    I have tried taking everything out apart from the graphics ram and hard drive, this makes no difference, I have tried alternative hard drives, graphics cards, ram and recently ran the processor on a different motherboard (not my own) and it ran fine at any speed the only thing i have not been able to do is try another cpu in this board (my friend wont let me try his because hes sure its the boards fault and doent want to damage his cpu) I have reinstalled bios and tried evry operating system of windows but nothing works, is my board done for?
    Is there any way of telling exactly what the problem is and\or please tell me you've heard of this b4 and theres a solution. I have bought a new pentium 4 pc but need this one as a backup PLEASE help.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Welcome to Abit........ I've used 6 or so in computers back in the day and at this point everyone has just up and died in some mysteriously questionable way.......( all dead motherboards )
    this is why at this point pretty much all i use is Intel, especially if its a computer I built for someone else, some 50 or so later their all still working, even if the computer they were in was retired. I can get them cheaper anyway.

    about all bad ones were boot and bios problems
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    I've had an Abit mobo for over 6 years now and never (knock on wood) had a problem with it. I plan to definitely look into Abit when I decide to upgrade to a new mobo. :D