Motherboard & Hard drive upgrade question

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kingfishsj, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. Kingfishsj

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    I have the Asus P4B266 Motherboard

    Intel P4 1.6G

    I want to upgrade my hard drive to the fastest transfer data rate my MB can handle. I am looking at the Ultra 320 Scsi drives. Can this motherboard handle this speed? Thank you for any suggestions.

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    With scsi drives, you will need a SCSI adapter card.

    Serial ATA is negligibly faster than IDE, but in real world tests at the current speeds, they are basically the same, SATA300 should be out soon which will be faster.

    Chances are if you have 7200rpm drives, they are about as fast as you will get. You will get a boost if they are 8mb cache.

    If you are looking for a performance boost, you might want to look on the forums for the discussion of RAID.
  3. Kingfishsj

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    Thanks but my question was about my motherboard, not the hard drive.