Motherboard 1/2way powers up?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by buzzstpoint, Nov 21, 2004.

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    I've got a mother board Aopen AX34.

    One day it wouldn't power up.. only a little red light on the board lit up.. I replaced power supply and nothing.. So I just replaced it.

    Question is, Is this board still worth anything? Keep it, sell it, trash it? or is there a way of really telling that the board is bad? Perhaps I had a card or somthing vibrated out and all it needed was to reseat it..

    any ideas on what to do with this?
    In case your wondering:
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    Does it beep at all? have you tested the video card?can do this by using a different one. try testing the motherboad by removing everything that isnt needed for booting, such as sound card, cdroms, floppy drives...etc...then if it works put the parts back on one by one till you find the bad one
  3. usually if the optical drive, the floppy drive or any of those are damaged th computer would still boot the only time that it would beep the graphics card is not responding well (ie: not plugged in right, broken...)... but i think you can still sell it but for very little money, it's a pentium 3 mobo, which seems to be a little old.
  4. buzzstpoint

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    All the components that were hooked up to the old MB I put into the new one. so I know the components "should be good" I just didn't take the time to pull everything out and reseat it...


    No beeps. no nuthin.. When I plug in the main cable. the red light next to the RAM lights up. When I cross the pwr terminals all it does is dim the light a bit and the processor fan makes about 1 turn.
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    Most likely the board is toast but if you get bored waiting for the bird tomorrow...

    Sounds like one of the power lines is shorted on the MB (or a chip is fried). Give it a good visual inspection looking for scratched traces and look around to see if a peice of metal (shaving, wire, etc) fell across any leads. A good sahking may dislodge any debris. Never use compressed air it lodges the debris in tighter.