More probs! I.E Bug?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Pod, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Pod

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    Sorry to Xperience to using another thread - please feel free to delete the previous ones.

    I'm having another problem I.E loads before i dial up and thn after i dial up it won't load again! any suggestion? It's very dodgy trying to get on the net now!
    Help Apprciated

  2. mbunny

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    Easy, don't use IE and use Mozilla!!

    Does IE load if you only load it AFTER you dial up?

    (cause it sounds like you are loading up IE BEFORE dial up and then you are loading up again AFTER dial up.)

    IE may not be terminating properly... Do a Ctrl+Shift+ESC and see if iexplore.exe is still running. If it is then terminate it (your entire windows ui will reset because IE is tied in with explorer). Try to load IE again. If it loads then theres your problem... If not... write back here

    But to circumvent all these problems... Give Mozilla a try
  3. Pod

    Pod Guest

    Oh i i just resolved my probs, it was to do with Imesh (Thank god they have system restore now!)
    Anyway thanks for ya help