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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by waldoss, Feb 21, 2003.

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    We have upgraded (clean installs) some computers to XP Pro (SP1) connecting to a 4.0 domain (all SP 6a). Everything works well but slow browsing to network shares on servers and
    workstations -- sometimes takes up to 30 seconds. This
    only occurs when first connecting to a share. Then it
    works well until the machine is restarted or isn't used
    for awhile. We are not using DNS for name resolution but
    are using WINS. We will be upgrading the servers to 2000 shortly but cannot at this time. Also, because of software requirements, we do not want to install DNS on the 4.0 domain. All TCP/IP tools I have tried work well
    with no errors and name resolutions works fine. The WINS
    database looks good. Below is nbtstat -r output after
    connecting to a share:

    NetBIOS Names Resolution and Registration Statistics

    Resolved By Broadcast = 0
    Resolved By Name Server = 9

    Registered By Broadcast = 0
    Registered By Name Server = 5

    Any ideas on how to resolve the problem?

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    You might want to try this. its from the tips&tweaks guide