More Englishman, Irishman, Scotchman, etc jokes

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    Paddy Englishman, Paddy Irishman and Paddy Scotchman are all captured by a bald witch. She tells them that she is going to sacrifice unless they can do something she can't do better.

    Paddy Englishman, being musical takes out a flute and begins to play beautifully, but the bald witch laughs and plays even better. Paddy Scotchman dances the Highland Fling, but the bald witch can dance it even better.

    Paddy Irishman has been watching all this with a bemused expression on his face. Then the bald witch turns to him and tells him its his turn and he calmly pulls out a comb and combs his hair. :D


    Paddy Englishman, Paddy Irishman and Paddy Chinaman are on a place to France. As the journey begins and they all settle into their seats, Paddy Englishman looks out the window at the landscape below and says "there goes England". Shortly after, Paddy Irishman looks out the window and says "there goes Ireland". By now Paddy Chinaman is feeling kinda left out and as they are nowhere near China, he grabs a cup from the stewardesses trolley, throws it out the window and says "there goes China".
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    hehehe. Nice and clean! Very good.
  3. good thing. :D . one question though, she's a witch cant she do some magic and get the hair back?