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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Lithium, Mar 26, 2003.

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    ok my monitor died on my recording computer yesterday so i was a lil bummed out but anyway ok i got another one for it pluged it all in and booted it up but the problem is after it boots goes past bios then get to the windows loading page then goes black and stays that way ive even changed the video card, booted into safe mode and still just a black screen. do you think my agp slot died? i dont think so might just be drivers or somthing really stupid but im stumped so any idea's let me know please
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    There are monitor drivers now too. If you can get it up that far uninstall the old monitor drivers then let windows install something appropriate or safer yet generic.

    If you have trouble getting the display up try setting the bios back to "safe mode" or whatever yours calls it. That will kill all the fancy features and maybe get you started at least.
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    It's not the AGP slot since you can see BIOS right? Definately software. (Or dodgy monitor, but I don't think so)
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    Try the video cable (swap for know good one) if this does not work remove video card, air dust the AGP slot, clean contacts and replace. Re-seat card making sure that the card is fully in the slot. Or make sure BIOS chip is sitting correctly in it’s socket by pressing down slightly with finger (but not to hard as some can go past the contacts). If this fails suspect the MB swap for known good board.

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    perhaps an unsupported resolution/refresh rate??