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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Cosmin, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Cosmin

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    After a badluck I hope will choose another brand for my upgrade and I hope somebody can help me choosing a new device ( monitor CRT 17'' max 220$ ) .
    Brands accepted :
    1. LG
    2. Sony ( forgot they are not under completing )
    3. CTX
    4. Philips

    and others if suggested . Thanks for all , Cosmin ..
  2. muzikool

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    I took a look at reviews for some 17" CRTs over at ZDNet. Here are some recommendations:

    CTX PL 7C

    Sony STYLEPRO CPD-E240/B

    Philips Brilliance 107P20

    LG Electronics LG Flatron 775FT

    Some of the Samsung monitors are also pretty nice. I have the Samsung SyncMaster 753DF and I like it.
  3. the_music_man

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    can you help me find a good monitor thats 19'' and under 200 bucks. i was thinking about the samsung 955DF...but i saw some bad reviews from some place (cnet) but then another place had good reviews (amazon) so i don't know if i should get it.
  4. muzikool

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    The 955DF looks fine unless you are going to run at higher resolutions. 1024 and 1280 resolutions should be fine on that one. I've looked around a bit, and that Samsung looks to be a good bet.
  5. LeeJend

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    I went through 5 monitors (bought then returned) last spring and 8 retail stores before I found the monitor I have now. What I found was that all the monitors had too damn much glare (even if they said low glare, flat screen)!!!!!!

    Two were acceptable the Viewsonic ($220) and the Samsung ($150) May 2002 prices. I ended up with the Samsung. The Viewsonic had a little less glare but was $70 bucks more and because of the Triniton CRT they have 2 horizontal grey lines (wires to stiffen the mask in the CRT) at 30 and 60 % up the screen. This is a major pain when doing drawings, spreadsheets and word processing.

    My model is the Samsung 753DF a friend has one also. Both have been excellent optically and no reliability problems.

    The glare on every other brand was too high. If I had a shirt with white in it, and the lamp on behind the monitor, on dark screens (like is common in games) I was constantly distracted by the white streaks from my shirt. It was so bad I actually took a picture of myself reflected in the screen when the monitor was off to email friends who didn't beleive me.

    Stay away from the, I think its called "diamond scan", crt based models. I had one for a month and the little diamond patterns were causing me eye strain. No matter what I tried (brightness, contrast, moire, softness, etc) I couldn't get rid of the problem.

    Whatever you decide on try and find one that you can actually look at somewhere. Good luck. I hope ot to have to shop for a monitor again for many years...
  6. Petros

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  7. Sazar

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    the above is a lovely monitor... one of my m8's has one... and it is quite sharp...

    it can be found for less around the web... I listed that since it is @ my local store...

    the monitor has 1600x1200 @ 75hz (flicker free) and the dot pitch is quite small... so the image is quite crisp... the OSD is straightforward... only 2 temperature levels... but it is not too shabby in the least... for the price (should be able to find it for under 200 some places online easily...)