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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bossdodgers, Jan 6, 2003.

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    As of today I have been experiencing problems with my monitor. It will randomly black out and the only way to get it back on is to turn it off and then on again. I have not installed any new graphics drivers recently and sometimes it will go for a couple of hours before it happens and other times it is every couple of minutes. I assume it is a refresh rate problem although I had not altered any settings prior to the problem and the monitor has never been run above the supported refresh rates. I have lowered the refresh rates to the minimum supported on each resolution and the problem still occurs. I have re-installed the display Drivers and tried different drivers but still the same problem occurs. It seems to do it more at higher resolutions.

    Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 730 Monitor
    AMD Athlon 1.4 DDR
    Nvidia GeForce 3 Ti500
    512 MB DDR RAM
    Creative Audigy
    Windows XP Home Edition (SP1)

    Any suggestions appreciated
  2. Elroy Jetson

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    If you have access to another pc with monitor, try changing the two and see what happens. It might actually be the monitor dying slowly. :( If another monitor runs fine on your pc, see what the bad monitor does on another system.

    Good luck, EJ :cool:
  3. bossdodgers

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    Thanks for your help.

    It ended up being the monitor as it completely packed up a couple of days later.