MOHAA: Spearhead..Mouse problems

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by tokey22, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. tokey22

    tokey22 Guest


    so my mouse is slow in the menu portion of spearhead and mohaa.

    i'm using a ms optical wheel mouse. its smooth and fast in windows and other games.

    can i do something to improve mouse speeds ?

    i've already tried increasing the mouse speed in the control options.
  2. TechSupport

    TechSupport Guest

    are you using usb or ps/2 for the mouse?

    i found using ps/2 in games like q3 and cs made the mouse go laggy at parts, changing it to usb fixed the problem for me (i have a 4yr old microsoft intellimouse explorer lol)
  3. tokey22

    tokey22 Guest

    i use a usb mouse

    my optical wheel mouse is using a usb port.

    could it be a problem with my usb port?
    could it be that there is a conflict?
  4. TechSupport

    TechSupport Guest

    i doubt it'll be something to do with the usb port... possibly a conflict. have you tried the mouse in a different usb port? i know it sounds soft as they're the same port, but ive heard once before about certain things working funnily in different ports.

    also have you got any other usb devices plugged in? using a usb hub or something?

    each usb port has a max power consumption of 500mA available to all devices plugged into it (unless you have a mains powered hub which will bypass that limit).

    if my memory serves me correctly, i think the mouse only uses 100-200mA??

    also... have you got the latest intellimouse drivers installed? (if not, then i would try that) and have you got the WinXP powertoys installed? (if so, uninstall em, if not, dont install em)