Mohaa Freezing

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by xsoggyx, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. xsoggyx

    xsoggyx Guest

    ]>>>>PLEASE HELP ME<<<<<<[/COLOR]

    My Mohaa keeps freezing when ever I try to play the game. The intro whilst loading is fine but as soon as it starts in the game play it freezes.

    I am having the same proble with Return to castle wolfenstein. My PC is 1 week old with the following spec:

    HP Pavilion 7965
    AMD 1800+
    256 Ram
    NVIDIA GeForce2 MX-400
    64MB Dedicated Video Memory
    Windows XP

    I have intsallted all the latest drivers from MS and re installed all the software again to return the pc to factory spec but still this does not work.

    Please help as it is driving me crazy!!!

    ICQ 6748266 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HELP ME >>>>PLEASE HELP ME<<<<<<
  2. RichXPard

    RichXPard Guest

    Mohaa was locking up on me as well. I went on there website and downloaded the updated version 1.10 and then loaded the no cd patch and that fixed the problem.

  3. Streamer

    Streamer Guest

    yes. have you applied an update patch and that this started to happen?
  4. topdawg

    topdawg Guest

    the single player kept locking up on me too, so i just stuck with the multiplayer version.

    Asus P3B-F
    P3 500
    320mb pc 100 ram
    Ati Rage Fury 32mb @ 102.97mhz
    Quantam Fireball 13gig
    Western Digital 10gig
    Pioneer 8x DVD 48x CD
  5. CooL_*_TanG

    CooL_*_TanG Guest

    froze on me too the first time I used it so I rebooted and they asked me if i'd like to go into safe mode and I did and it never froze again ... also I bumped up the graphics after a few launches still works good ... beat the game ... thought i'd be longer