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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by paul12, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. paul12

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    help:under w98se my modem was seen as a 56k and always connected and worked at this speed. but since using xp pro. it will only see it as 33.6k and connect and work at this speed??????
  2. zman

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    im sorry to laugh , i am not laughing at you , im laughing at XP :)

    you didnt tell us what modem you have ?

    have you gone to the manufacturer and got the XP drivers ?:eek:
  3. max

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    defiantley go to the manufacturers home page and make sure you get the correct drivers.....

    Before installing them remove all instances of the modem in device manager
  4. Akash

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    client got a 56k usr internal voice modem pci...

    in 9x.. it connected damn fast
    in XP it connected below 20bps!

    i dont know exactly what i did but it started working eiherbecuase i moved it to another pci slot or i changed the fifo settings

    who knwos
    he bought anew HD so time to reinstall everything ... heres hoping the modem doesnt crap out.
  5. paul12

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    reply to my modem probs.

    there is no manufactures name present but i might track the make down by seeing if theres a FCC CODE ON IT it uses twin rockwel chips (got the codes of them somewhere) if not a new modem me thinks!!!!!!!!!!!