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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dave_b, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. dave_b

    dave_b Guest

    I am having problems getting my recently built PC to connect to the internet. The modem will not pick up the line and just sits there saying "dialing". Have updated to latest modem driver, bios, via drivers and SP1. It will ocassionally (5% of time) connect ok.
    Hardware is as follows (all brand new):

    Athlon Xp 2400
    80g wd Hd
    512Mb PC2700
    ATI radeon 8500 128mB
    Gigabyte GA7-VRXP
    Zoom V.92 PCI modem (supposedly XP ok)

    I am going to try the modem in my old m/c tonight, but any suggestions appreciated.
  2. vdubVR6

    vdubVR6 Guest

    have you gone into device manager and used the system tools to test the modem, ....
  3. dave_b

    dave_b Guest

    Yes, everything appears ok.
  4. Zooker

    Zooker OSNN Addict

    This may be a silly question, but do you hear any noise on the line when you pick up your phone? I just spent the last weekend waiting for the phone company to get the noise off my line, as it was preventing the connection from completing.
  5. dave_b

    dave_b Guest

    Sorted! Used hyperterminal to phone my mobile to prove modem was ok - which it was; then went to providers (Tiscali) homepage and followed their walk through instructions for setting up a new connection and bingo! Connects first and every time now. Wierd how the other (presumably wrong) set up would let me connect intermittantly.

    Thanks guys.