modem problems....please help me

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ronenph1, Mar 30, 2002.

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    Hi there,

    I'm running two OSs. XP and 98SE. I have a "Generic Soft56k modem". I have been running XP for a month, and suddenly, when I'm trying to enter to the "network connections" section, or the "connect to" option, the computer gets stuck. The only option in this case is to restart. After the problem started, the computer was getting stucked everytime I tried to go the "connect to" option.
    I tried some ways, but suddenly XP deleted the option of "connect to".
    And I can't try to fix it by going to system settings from "my computer" and etc.
    The only option I had, was to reinstall windows xp. I reinstalled, and the problem started again. My Windows XP is crushed now, and I can't use it.
    I know if i reinstall again, the same problem probably will come again.
    You have to help me my friends. I don't think the problem is in the modem, becuase he works fine under Windows 98. But, maybe it (the modem) isnt compatible with windows xp? But it had been working fine before it started to make the system being stucked. Please, help me.

    - Ronen.
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    What is the name of your modem. Model/Manufacterer all that stuff. Is it just Generic Soft56K Modem?? If you are unsure about the modem manufacturer you can look in your device manager to see how its labeled under Windows 98SE. Or even better go to this site , follow the instructions and see if you can ID your modem. FCC codes are required on all modems but only in the US. Hopefully they put it on the international modems as well.

    You might be having a XP driver issue with the modem. Try finding the right drivers for the device. Even if Windows XP loads a driver for you it does not "always" mean its the right one.

    Here is a good write up on troubleshooting WinXP Modem problems.

    Good luck
  3. ronenph1

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    problem has been fixed

    guys, thanks for the help.
    i tried another modem with my windows xp, and it works fine.
    im using right now motorola sm56 wih win2k drivers.
    looks like it works properly.
    thanx anyway.