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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by shush, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. shush

    shush Guest

    just bought a new system and when i disconnect the modem it takes about a minute to happen
    this is annoying as it locks everything up until it has disconnected
    it is a creatix modem with wot looks like a network card attached
    any ideas?

    solved the problem it appears to only happen with ntlworld tried another isp (freeserve) and disconnects fine informed ntl world and they dont have any ideas oh well
  2. Twink

    Twink Guest

    modem with a network card attached, man that's a bit strange.

    have you got the latest drivers for it?, what's the exact model number, there might be a known problem with the modem, and would be alot easier to find if we knew what the modem is.
  3. shush

    shush Guest

    the modem is a creatix v9xHAM1394v the system is a medion 2.0g p4
    xp home

    all the drivers are up to date the modem is a bit wierd looking its in pci slot but has a meaty power lead and wot looks like a big battery on it nothing iv ever seen before......i think the motherboard which is medions own has an onboard networking card so i assumed all the extra stuff on the modem was related to that ?