Modded MY Cable Modem

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Would you Mod Your BroadBand Modem?

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  1. Yes! It looks Stupid Next To my Modded Beast!

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  2. No! I love it's Dull Boring Look!!!

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  3. What's a BroadBand Modem?

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  1. Taggert_LOA

    Taggert_LOA Modding Addict Political User

    Just Was Curious as to how many people have thought of modding their Broadband modems, they all seem to have this generic look to them. post your opinion and give some ideas as to how you would make them look better, and if you have done any mods, post your pics, and let us know how and why you did your mod. Your Ideas And pictures could be used in a upcoming article in CPU Magazine.
  2. i dont know what's the subject but it sounds to be better
  3. NetRyder

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    New York City
    My cable modem is hidden in some corner, almost out of sight.
    I'd rather not spend the time modding something that I barely ever look at. [​IMG]