Missing Java virtual machine

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mudguts, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. mudguts

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    Hi Every1

    Does anyone have a link to Microsnot :p sorry microsoft java virtual machine to download the program. It seems to have disappeared from Microsnot downloads page...
    Sheesh whats they up to now .....
    thanx for any help.... Peoples
  2. yoeddy

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    Yeah...could someone answer this?

    I reformatted my HD and have current Win Updates. Now when I go to certain websites it says that I need VM. Where do I get this since Windows Update doesn't install it?
  3. ZipTriX

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    I have the file. I'll find somewhere to upload it and let you or anyone else get it.
  4. W.G.A.F

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    Hi peeps,

    I've got the same problem here. Downloaded javea plug-in for xp browsers but i still can't open sites wihich require the Microsoft Java virtual machine. Is there any other option?
    Microsoft sucks.

    Thanx for da help.

  6. frothymilkshake

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    Just go to Windows Update website and it is there. I had the same problem until I updated some security java settings on that page and now I have the JVM.
  7. Henyman

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    microsoft removed it from the site after some legal stuff.u can still download it from elsewere though...
  8. ZipTriX

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    Another post has this link listed as a place to download Microsoft Java.
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    Most of the links for the missing java on this site dont work as i found myself in same situation as some on here,where i fogot to save it to cd before a re-format.
    I woud'nt advise using other 3rd party java as it is unsafe as stated in microsoft download page before they removed their version which is said"TO RUN IN A SAFE PLACE ON YOUR P.C"whatever that means.
    The link to microsofts download page on this forum won't work as they removed it.
    Go to KAZAA and under software do a search for MICROSOFT VM and you will find it,its around 5meg inhj size just to let you know what to look for as many downloads are other files renamed,just do a virusscan before opening.
    I also found i need the microsoft version to view certain sites but am still getting little boxes with coloured symbols in them instead od pictures in some sites but link on this forum that checks build of installed java claims i have latest build installed.
  10. surge

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    SORRY SURGE you cant download it from above link.
    That link is the microsoft update page and when you scan for updates it will NOT be there and if you use menu's at top to go through all microsoft downloads(over 600)you will find the message says they no longer support the download of this product,or words to that effect).
    So posting a link to the offical microsoft page won't do any good.
    Most users on here prob have kazaa installed so go for it .
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    you love you kazaa dont you??
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  14. frothymilkshake

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    I managed to get it from the Microsoft Updates website about 3 weeks back. Why don't you give it a go? It won't say JVM of course but it has something to do with updating a java security setting. I had that patched and now have the JVM fully. BTW when I installed XP it did not come with the JVM and this was just 3 weeks ago. Give their update site a try.