missing hard drive in "My Computer"

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by vtkahns, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. vtkahns

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    After a few installs of various updates, windows site and otherwise, my hard drive is missing from the "My computer" view. As this is the box that comes up when attaching / saving things, this is proving to be a pain.

    I have another drive I can put in , in addition to the main one, and it shows up just fine.

    What can I try?
  2. Streamer

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    one possibility might be your jumper settings. have you set this up properly on said second hard drive?
  3. vtkahns

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    I have changed no jumpers on drive 1 ever and it appeared fine before.

    I am suspecting some software "enhancement" from some of my software updates that hosed it. I am wondering if anyone know where in some config file, registry, etc that it keeps track of what it has..

    Is it possible that I added the other drive once and forgot to change the jumper from master to slave (as it is a master in the machine it came from)...

    But, once I pull it out , shouldn't it appear back to normal on the one drive left the I have never seen or moved the jumper on ?

  4. Lukas

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    just wondering: did you install drive image from nero? I did, and the next thing I knew my cd drives where gone. :eek:

    You could try a number of things:

    *system restore
    *tweakUI (you can check/uncheck the drives you want to see in 'my computer'
    *partition magic (maybe it's hidden?)
    *can you access the partition via command prompt?


  5. vtkahns

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    ACtually, i did try a restore and all the restore points I pick, after it does the shut down and restarts, tells me it can't restore to that point. So, not sure why that is.

    I have tweak and C is selected...still, it does not show up.

    I don't have partition magic... I can access the thing just fine. It just doesn't appear in the my computer and when opening or saving things... In outlook express, when i go to attach a file to an email, I can't see the c drive to navigate to to select things from. I have to place a copy of what I want to attach in the shared documents folder and pick from there.

    If i click on teh shortcut to the c drive that I put on the desktop, it opens up fine..looks fine. I cannot drag it to my computer and have tried all settings places I can find..sort of uninstalling the drive, and rendering my machine useless perhaps..

    If I then click on the folders button, and it looks more like Explore, i can see the c drive at the bottom of My computer, indented as if within in.

    I have attached some screen capture jpgs just for kicks.

    Bummer on me..

  6. Sage

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  7. vtkahns

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    Do I dare try it? Isn't a missing cd drive due to some uninstall of a program I don't have different that a missing c drive?

    I hate to delete stuff from the registry..make me nervous..

    I'll give it some thought.

  8. Yodums

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    Is it only My Computer?

    Make sure your drive is detected upon bootup and it's actually working. If it's a secondary drive and it's new, you probably need to fdisk it and format.

  9. Eve

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    Same thing happened to me go to control panel, add hardware. It should automatically detect it for you through plug and play. if not click "yes I have already connected the hardware" then pick it from the list shown to you. If it's not in the list scroll down to the end and select "add a new hardware device" then follow the instructions from there.

    Good luck;)
  10. tmcnall

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    I have the same problem as you exactly - how did you fix it. None of these suggestions were valid as far as I can tell