Missing Hard Dive Space - Where Does It Go?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by noels7, Apr 23, 2006.

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    I have just bought 2 WD raptor sata 36gig hard drives for my new system I am having built.

    After formatting and installing winxp how much HD space should be left on a 36gig. Assuming NTFS format. Other 36gig is solely for backing up (ghosting main drive).

    On my old system I have used 20gig (80gig partitioned c=38, d=38. 1gig used on d drive) Those usages wil probably not increase by more than 1-2 gig.

    What partition ratio for c and d drive would you suggest. All program exe's, mp3, other misc files are stored on dvd for access if required.

    Your assistance/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    MFT uses 12.5%
    Loss for format depends on format used and cluster size.
    I have as of yet to see a HDD MFG that actually has the true amount stated even in RAW data storage.

    My guess would be 30Gb of storage before any install or software.

    Standard Home or Pro install should be about 1.2Gb Plus a pagefile and that is dependant on how much physical RAM you have available.
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    Hard disk capacities are stated in multiples of 1000, not 1024, so first you need to adjust for that :)
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    Steevo and LordOfLA

    Many thanks for your advice and assistance.