Mircrosoft Homestation

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nutty88, Jan 17, 2002.

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    In October 2001 a PC magazine here in the UK call Pc Format had a two page world exclusive about Microsofts secret project the Homestation.It had details of it and had pictures.Then in December 2001's issue it says Microsoft Homestation RIP.It's says in this article "But no sooner had we hit the newsstands than word reached PCFormat that it was all off- Microsoft had axed the whole thing".Then later in the article Microsoft said "If we had 50p for every rumour about something Microsoft suppose to be doing, I'd be a very rich man indeed".
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    yes who knows what MS are up to ....

    we all know they want world domination !!!


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    `I dodn't reckon this will be an upgrade to the X-box companonats itself but more likely to integrate HDTV, DVD and the X-Box itself!!