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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by scriptasylum, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. scriptasylum

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    This isn't PC related at all, but I figure there are quite a few people here from the UK, so here goes:

    I am thinking about buying a new Mini Cooper S car in the near future, but I kinda want to know what people think of it that have already had it for a while. Since I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong) that there are quite a few in the UK, perhaps someone could part with their experiences with this vehicle?

    I love they way they look (for some odd reason I cannot fathom) but I would like to know how long they last, driving experience, breakdown rate, etc. Given that they are made by BMW, they cannot be all that bad.

    Of course I could go hunting around some auto forum for this info, but I just don't wanna. :)
  2. xsivforce

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    A friend's Dad bought one a little while back. Very cool car. He got an "S" and it is very quick. He had an American flag painted on top the way they used to do the British flag on the Coopers from way back.
  3. Erbmaster

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    I'm afraid I don't own one :( But as far as lifespan, these babies are in the same league as VW Beetles. My mate has an original mini - It only needed £60 worth of repairs last MOT. The car is over 30 years old (and it was built by British Leyland!!)

    Now they are built by BMW, i'd expect them to last even longer.

    They do look nice though.! :D, and you could buy a WHOLE lot worse.
  4. Kush

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    its a fast car and yes its really nice for a small car , my friend works for bmw here so he wouldnt lie to me, the car is a good one! especally the s!
  5. Evil Marge

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    A friend of mine has a red one with a Union Jack on the top...Looks funky :cool:
  6. scriptasylum

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    Des Moines,IA
    Thanks everyone. I figured since they were made by BMW they cannot be all that bad.

    My choices are narrowed down to either the Mini Cooper S or Honda Accord EX if I wanna pay the extra $$$.

    If I want to be thrifty, my choices are Mini Cooper (non "S") and Honda Civic EX.

    The only concern I would have about the "S" version is longevity. The extra strain on the engine due to the supercharger might reduce the engine life, not to mention the added repair expenses when it does break down.

    Since I think spending over $350 US a month on car payments is Ludicrous, I'll probably be going with the non-S version. The "S" will just get me in trouble with the boys in blue anyway. :)
  7. Sazar

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    nissan sentra type R... spec V... faster than those baby's and it rocks... :D or a WRX from subaru... though they are quite expensive..

    the regular mini cooper is not that great.. nice inside... but it grows old after a bit... the dual sky roof thinger (one moon roof and the other just a skylight) is extremely nifty...

    the S is a little faster but you really need to get the upgrade kit installed by BMW itself.. hence waranty intact... it upgrades the horsepower and adds 18nch wheels...

    the car fEELS fast.. but is not particularly so..

    the build quality is nothing short of brilliant... obviously carrying a BMW tag :) but I recommend extended test driving to see if you truly like it...

    me and my friend (who ended up buying first the mr2 spyder from toyota and then trading it in for the sentra Type R... spec V) drove it round and it was nice... but there are better for the price...

    the civic SI is quite nice for the same price range...

    btw a review from edmunds :)*