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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by S1RE, Jul 22, 2003.

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    I have played my friend Fire online and he said I'd see the problem when we played and I did, the problem was he said he was goin 120mph ahead of me and i was only doin 60mph behind him to keep up. He asked my how fast I was goin (over teamspeak) so i sped up to 120 (his exact speed) and i had done hit a couple turns (i lost sight of him in rear view) and the line of sight was done for. Not sure how this happened but he even tried using another profile and the same thing happened. So I was thinking he would need a re-install but wanted to know if there was a fix before he tries to re-install and come up with same problem.....

    Fire: (my friend too lazy to post this problem)
    When i load up my career at 47% it loads all the way up to when the race starts and then the game just crashes to my desktop with no error plz help thx

    Any help is appreciated thanx

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    ummmm your english is really broken up, and Im struggling to read it. Can you re-type your question? Because as it is, it doesn't make very much since..... sorry. :(
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    there are 2 problems here first off when we play online via the internet we use the same exact car which should perform the same, as you can read in my last post i was dusting him from the get go and as he told me he was doin 120 i was behind him only 60 and letting go of gas and still catching up to him he was majorly lagged or handicapped but we don't know how it happened or how to stop it and would really like to know if anyone has ever heard of this?

    There was an acusion where he loads up his career and right before the race starts after all the long loading it crashed.

    The game has crashed alot on me and then after all that crashing a restart set it straight and I seem to be having no crashes so far.

    But of course you know a restart isn't going to fix his problem you know he's already tried that who wouldn't.

    I looked for Midnight club 2 forums and all i came up with was playstation.com and no one replies in those forums.
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    what kind of connection are you guys playing with? ie; cable, dsl, 56k. ect. ect.
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    both have dsl sometimes we connect sometimes we dont we both have routers but we're both on dmz host which means we dont need to forward ports.
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    A fix ?

    Does anyone know where I can find a fix for this problem, when I was playing Fire I saw that his car looked like it was being pulled back by lag every 2 seconds which held him back from actually being right by my side when i did 120. So please let me know people!

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    A Fix ?

    Does anyone know where I can find a fix for this problem if so please let me know I really would like to enjoy this game online it is quite fun and not being able to play a close friend online is just pissin me off.

    I do remember when I was playing with Fire that when he was actually doing 120mph on his screen and at that moment in time i was tapping on the gas only going 60mph and letting off the gas and still coasting while dropping in speed catching up. When you look at his car while its doing 120mph on his screen and 60mph on my screen it looks like its being pulled back by lag every 2 seconds or something. He has played more than just me and I have played others online so there is something wrong with his game or computer or soemthing but we don't know yet could someone please lend some forth effort :(

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    sounds like lag, also ask him if the game looks like your jerking around on his computer.
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    this game sucks man dont buy it or if u have it return it
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    It doesn't only sound like lag but it looks like lag but thats not the ending factor here. He's the only one I have seen have this problem so far. That's why I say this.

    [11:32:54] S1RE: when we played midnight club 2 online and u were racin me like molasses was i jerkin around on your screen ?
    [11:33:08] Fire: no
    [11:33:13] Fire: i was not laging
    [11:33:14] S1RE: i was smooth ?
    [11:33:19] Fire: ya
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    can someone, anyone please help me solve this problem my friend also just restarted his computer and it didnt help so its something with his computer but can someone lend some troublshooting advice.