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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by CART, Jan 10, 2003.

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    I once saw on the internet where a person could have Microsoft Outlook open at all times in the system tray. By typing commands in the registry it would always be open and ready to receive Email. Does anyone have the way to do this?

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    Not sure how to do that, but I wanted to say,


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    Hmmm.. should be easy

    First of all, outlook is a huge resource hog, so be careful. Anything under 256mb, i'd wouldn't run it in the background. Second of all we are talking about Outlook, not Outlook Express.
    One my version of Outlook a icon is already in the taskbar, all I have to do it right click it, select something like "show in taskbar only", than everytime i minimze the outlook window it goes into the taskbar. If this doesn't apply to you, i saw on the ScreenSavers once how they did it, via the regedit. Just goto and search for outlook or whatever.

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    You may want to check out this program..... Magic Mail Monitor ........

    Magic Mail Monitor
    Sometimes you might not want to leave OE running, but would still like notification of new mail. And it's sometimes nice to be able to see mail message headers before you actually download the messages themselves. Then there are those times when someone sends you a 9Mb file that you don't want to download. For those and similar occasions, I use Magic Mail Monitor. This very small program (only 71K to download in zip format) sits in the system tray and checks for mail from any number of POP3 accounts on any schedule you configure. You can view just headers, or delete headers from the server, or double-click a message to download it and read it as either a text file (*.txt) or an OE message file (*.eml). You can also create multiple profiles with different accounts and settings. And best of all, it is 100% free.
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    To minimize Outlook to the systray go to this registry key


    and create a new dword with the name

    MinToTray and the value 0x00000001 (1)
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    YoYo has it... I run Outlook in the tray all the time. I dont think its a hugh resource hog. Hell I can play UT while it sits there.
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    I run Outlook XP (on taskbar - not tray, im gonna give that reg tweak a go when I get home :p) while playing Q3CTFS and UTiCTF - no resource l33ch at all

    i get a feeling its another 16bit vs 32bit scenario... some ppl says 32bit lags, some say it doesnt.