Microsoft Learning Center for Beginner Developrs

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    The traditional introduction path for beginners was Visual Basic, now extinct as a supported language. Even if you already had an IT degree how long do you think it takes to become compliant with the .NET way of doing things, a week, a month, a year? Well no actually it takes at least two years to become a developer of “applications” and some.

    I’ve actually been to the site and used the beginners course (for eight graders) and have to say that in my opinion about one in a thousand will understand the nature of programming if any at all as no mention is made of why you need to programme in the first place or the even more important understanding of the workflow processes and real life tasks that the programme is to emulate, as that is all a programme does.

    Good programmers think lazy, by which I mean they automatically understand that a computer could do this or that ten times quicker than me so ill programme this bit of work out of the equation and spend the rest of the day looking out of the window and wondering! That’s how the whole thing started in the first place people looking for easier ways of doing things.

    To become a good programmer in this decade having the knowledge of how to programme on its own is no long enough you need to have insight into what it is your doing as some things are still best left to the old best guessing machine in the universe the “human brain”. Wake up Microsoft.