MICROSOFT - IntelliMouse Optical

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kr0m, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. Kr0m

    Kr0m Moderator

    Turtle Island
    Anyone out there have one of these? I'm thinking about purchasing one and I'm wondering if anyone's come across any problems.
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    I set XP up on my brother's gateway box. He has the USB version and it seems to be working ok so far. Personally, I wouldn't buy a USB mouse... ps/2 all the way... I've seen too many problems reported with USB devises and XP. (I have a Lexmark Z22 on USB, no problems, but it's not a mouse or keyboard).
  3. westy1

    westy1 Guest

    I use a Logitech optical usb mouse with no problems....:D
  4. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    ya, I have the intellimouse optical and it works smooth as can be..but just save yourself the worries and use the USB to PS/2 adapter that comes with it...I hate all the new usb this usb that stuff. god forbid we have to plug something in and actually wait the 2 extra seconds for it to work!
  5. Akash

    Akash OSNN Senior Addict

    when i bought this mouse, ibought it becuase of the ball-less mouse. i hated the wheel mouse in the sense i had to clean its rolers every week once a week. got tedious.

    This one runs literally on any surface including your table, (apart from reflective surfaces like glass or mirrors)
    even runs upside down!

    the ergonomic design is important to me as i have heavy usage for the mouse.. and this one has been the best so far
    with its two extra buttons to go back/foward on the net or on the machine (or you can set your own) i think these were very time consuming.

    Overall, the first 2 weeks, the red light will bug you especially if you leave it on over night (the computer). you get used to it and then feel when yuo use someone elses mouse, how you wish the optical was on every computer!

    Comes with USB or PS2 connecttions (adaptor) and has no problems with XP.
  6. existenz

    existenz Guest

    I personally haven't had any problems with USB and Windows XP, but I only have a HP PSC 950 on USB, so i don't know.

    My mouse and keyboard are both PS/2...
  7. Kr0m

    Kr0m Moderator

    Turtle Island
    Cool, thanks for the info. I'll be using the ps/2 adapter as my usb ports are used by my printer and scanner anyways.
  8. Smokie

    Smokie A Proud Australian

    Townsville, Qld, Australia
    I have been running two if them for over two years, no problems what so ever. Both are USB.

    I would suggest the Intellimouse Optical.
  9. Sinster

    Sinster Moderator

    I would get the Intellieye Optic. Been running mine USB and works great. I wish I had one here at work. Also if you want to spend a little more money I would go with Explorer. Once I build another system I will get the explorer.
  10. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    I have lots of USB devices, including a logitech cordless optical and have no problems. ( apart from my PDA but that's Sonys fault :mad: )