Microsoft Flight Sim 2002 Pro Edition

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Evil Marge, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. Evil Marge

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    When i try to taxi along to take off , my plane veers to the left no matter what i do ! It's not the fault of the joystick because it does the same thing even when i use the keyboard to control the plane . Does anyone have a clue as to why ?
    Thankyou in advance....
    Using XP home Edition
    900 Mhz
    128 RAM
  2. Daviesbad04

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    Dude, I love that game..........:D

    But ne who back to the subject.......

    Im guessing ure .cfg file for the aircraft that has the problem is disconfigured. Or maybe its the .mdl file. Could also be both, My suggestion is that if its the default planes ONLY that have that problem, reinstall FS2002. If its 3rd party aircrafts with that problem then reinstall those or e-mail the creator too see if maybe it has a bug in the model:)