Mic wont work over cS

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by oO ShifterZ Oo, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. i know the command in console bind "v" +voicerecord but when i talk and hit dat button it gives out static (dats wat they told me *my team) so ima askin is there any way to fix this, im going to download the via 4 - n - 1 drivers rite now to see if it works. does anyone know the problem
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    try setting the voice transmit in cs to max
    is your mic volume maxed in windows too?
  3. when u mean set the voice transmit in cs to max dats under configuration>audio rite, if so yes its max and yes my windows mic is also max. ill double check but yes it is.
  4. I used to get the same problem with my Counter-Strike. I ignored it for a while, but trying again the other day it seemed to work, only changes:

    1) Latest drivers for my Soundblaster Live! 5.1
    2) Installed SP1

    That's it!