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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by demon4870, Feb 6, 2003.

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    Anybody getting these??? I dont know if anyone has disscussed it already, but me and my moms computer get them for no reason, then my friend said he gets them too. I just installed the Windows Update patch i dont know if that fixes the problem, but i cant reboot yet. lol waiting on a download :). I have attached a picture to show this thing, there are about 4 or 5 different ones that i know of. The worst is the one that says "If you want to stop these pop-ups goto www..... and download our product". But if anyone knows anything about these let me know. From what i know they only affect 2000 and XP
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    ok dude this is easy to fix.

    click start >> control panel >> administrative tools >> services.

    go down the list untill you find 'messanger' right click it >> properties. set the 'start up type' to disable and if it's running click the stop button.


    the messanger service is only of any real use if your computer is part of a domain. other wise you don't need it running.
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    Get your own back on the messengers

    Simple enough, the messenger service pop-ups are achieved by a dos command no less!!!

    if you facny your hand at annoying your friends by sending them pop-ups do the following: :cool:

    Start > Run > cmd;

    then type the following:

    NET SEND <comp name (for networks) | ip address | /DOMAIN[:name] | /USERS> <message here>
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    Nothing to do with MSN Messenger.

    Click props on connection and use firewall. Must have SP1 for some reason.
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    I dont know what your trying to say sorry not being sassy just I dont get this? And welcome to NTFS :)
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    Get Norton Firewall 2003 it blocks ads and pop ups.
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    Here's refering to the XP firewall. Go to your Control Panel and your network connections section. Right click on your internet connection and select properties. On the last tab (advanced I think) check the first option to enable the firewall.

    oDin's suggestion also works well as well. You might even want to do both (oDin's suggestion and the firewall) -- ok, well I'm proabably repeating what's already been said. :)