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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bumzig, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. bumzig

    bumzig Guest

    I currently have 3 partitions on my PC.
    C:\ - OS (XP Pro)
    D:\ - downloads, shares etc
    G:\ - Programs

    Is it possible to over-ride the default installation directory ('C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger') for Windows Messenger 5.0
    and install it manually on another partition? Because there doesn't seem to be a custom installation option at install.

  2. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    It is possible but after that messenger wouldn't work ..
  3. bumzig

    bumzig Guest

    thats not good!
  4. Daedalus

    Daedalus Guest

    Try TweaKUI, from the microsoft can change the default Program Files directory with it, change it to where you want you programs to be...Then messenger should install to the right directory. Also any other programs you install should point automatically to your specified directory.

    Hope this helps (I havent got a download link--sorry, but I'm sure someone else can help you with that)
  5. bumzig

    bumzig Guest

    I will, thanks
  6. sboulema

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    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    not true you can install it where ever you want. i have msn messenger installed on my d: partition. Hers the trick. with tweak-xp change the program folder under the option system folder. Msn meseenger will be installed to that folder. afterwards change the setting back or leave it :p