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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hilroyy, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. Hilroyy

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    anyone use messenger in winxp. In windows 98 you can use netmeeting in messenger to video conference but in Win XP the option is removed and they make you use the messenger camera even though it wont work if the other party isnt using Winxp. any idea how to make netmeeting the default in Messenger 4.6 in winxp?
  2. Hilroyy

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    Still not sure??

    Can you tell me how to make Netmeeting 3.01 the default videoconferecing program for MS Messenager 4.6 in WinXP?
  3. jw50

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    I dont think the video option in Messenger is a plug-in, it is part of the program. I dont think that there is any way you can make messenger use netmeeting. My understanding is that the other person doesn't have to be using XP to see your vid with Messenger but they do have to have the latest version of Messenger. Besides, Netmeeting is one of the worst video conferencing programs.