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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Callahan, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Callahan

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    I've had an intermitant problem with IE6 over the past year or so. Sometimes on a website that has pull down, page link menus, the menu drops down but if I drop the cursor down to highlight one of them, the menu just disappears.
    It's really starting to annoy me lately and it seems to be happening more and more. I've been wondering if it's an incompatibility between IE6 and certain design programs for webpages.
    It gets comical sometimes with me trying jerk the mouse down quick over the right link and click it before it disappears. I haven't been able to beat it yet. I've just had to give up or find another route to the page I'm trying to reach.
    Has anyone else seen this problem?
  2. LeeJend

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    Fort Worth, TX
    Could it be operator error?

    If you move off the menu system while moving the mouse down to the submenu bar the webpage changes focus and the menu will close. Hard to descibe in words. But here goes.

    Move the mouse across the selection you clicked to get the submenu then onto the submenu. If you cut diagonally and the mouse strays over some other part of the page the menu will auto close. Its a feature not a bug.
  3. Callahan

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    No, not operator error. I've been using browsers since Netscape was a baby. But I do know what you were explaining about.

    For ex. Like at the top of this page where the list is for user CP, register etc. If those button had drop down menu's and I put the curser over FAQ where a list of FAQ questions would drop down when I highlighted it. I could pull the curser staight down over the sub menu and it will disappear instantly.

    Edit: here's a better example, when I go here to PGA TOUR.COM and I highlight any of the page links in the blue strip at the top of the page. They disappear when I try to link to one. It happens at other site too, but it always happens here. Is this happenning to anyone else on this page?
  4. adamg

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    The site seems to work fine on my computer (IE6SP1 w/ w2ksp3). Have you got the newest version of IE? Did the problem occur in earlier versions of IE?
  5. Callahan

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    Yes I have IE6 and installed sp1 for it last week, but it made no diference. I never had this problem with older versions of IE and I have wiped the HDD at least once or twice since I 've seen this problem cropping up. The strange thing is, For a while, I had no problems with this, even the page I referred to worked ok. This is on XP/home
  6. Clean_Rich

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    I may be reaching here, but could the problem be mouse related perhaps?
  7. Callahan

    Callahan Guest

    It turned out to be Zonealarm's ad blocking software, that was causing the problem. I should have thought of it sooner, but its been running out of sight, out of mind , for so long that I forgot all about it. Thanks for the replies all.