memory upgrade troubles - Win XP PRO

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Spookydogman, May 2, 2002.

  1. Spookydogman

    Spookydogman Guest

    system specs:

    abit ab-bx6 motherboard
    award modular bios v4.51PG
    pentium 3 500

    mainboard has 4 slots for RAM. i had 2 64 DIMMs running just fine, tried to add 2 more but i'm only getting 192 megs total, not 256 once the 2 new cards are installed. i tested new RAM in other PC and the DIMMs work. i'm assuming the problem is:

    1) a weird setting in XP PRO i don't know about
    2) my bios
    3) the motherboard

    any suggestions? thanks!

  2. Kuja

    Kuja OSNN Addict

    eh, maybe the ram is different speed? :S
  3. Spookydogman

    Spookydogman Guest

    it's possible, because i'm not sure of the speed of the old RAM, but it's been my experience that all the RAM will just operate at the slowest speed. also, if there was an actual conflict, it should prevent the system from booting.
  4. Spookydogman

    Spookydogman Guest

  5. Pady

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    this is not always the case Im afraid - i encountered this problem with an older system of mine, you should try flashing your bios to the latest supported version and see if this sorts it.

    Other than that, just upgrade your motherboard and get rid of the old mem and get nice new PC27000 DDR sticks instead
  6. Spookydogman

    Spookydogman Guest

    i think you hit it on the head, pady

    i just talked to a rep from a bios upgrade business and the bios i'm running is about 18 months behind where it needs to be :p

    it can't even run win xp completely correct, and it does have a ram cap of 192 (what a weird number!)

    so, for $60 i can upgrade my bios chip and be a happy camper :)

    thanks for responding to my question :)
  7. koko

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    Columbia, S.C.
    couldn't you just flash your bios and upgrade it that way?
  8. l0g0ut

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    it could also means that one of your memory slot is not working .... 192 is 64x3....


    how much ram can your motherboard support?