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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wales2442, Mar 23, 2003.

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    Hi, can anyone answer this question for me? I have recently purchased an extra 256mb of DDR Ram for my system. Windows is still showing that i have only got 256mb and not 512mb. Done some tests with Dr Hardware and SySoft Sandra and they are showing that i have 512mb. In bios it is also showing 512mb, so the memory is being accepted and working. On my motherboard there a 3 banks available to me. In SySoft it is saying that only one bank is being used and the other two are empty. I have swopped the sticks around and it always shows one mem bank empty. Any advice or help on this? Thanks.
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    Try using bank 1 & 3, also try switching sticks with 1 & 3.
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    Tried both suggestions, but WinXP still registers only 256mb, and SySoft is still saying that one of the banks is still empty. This is now confusing me because bios is registering 526mb, Dr Hardware is saying 526mb, SySoft is saying that my limit is 256mb and then showing that i have got 526mb installed. Help. PS. thanks for the reply.
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    I haven't had this problem with XP however I did have this problem with Win98 and ME and a clean install of Windows fixed most of them and the rest was either a limitation of the MB and/or bad or incompatable ram. Try a reinstall or a clean install of windows and see if that helps. :confused:
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    Will give it a try and hope that works. Thanks:)
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    That always the best answer !!! :happy:

    Matter of fact : Thats what I do when I get stuck on a problem ! :happy: