memory leak using media player 9

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by puppy22, Nov 24, 2002.

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    can somebody help me with the memory usage? When i am using media player 9 to listen online radio, it starts using more and more memory and when i try to free up memory (using some utils), although RAM is by 70% free, the total memory usage is the same.

    the laptop i have has 320 MB of RAM and the total pagefile is 790 MB.

    when i am using the media player, the usage is 455mb/790, and only when i will close the application will drop to 200 mb.

    the laptop is starting with 130mb and even when i am using excell and AutoCAD the total usage never goes more than 250 mb.

    any solution?
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    Yup, Couple of suggestions, one try using Musicmatch for their radio. Not free but the Quality is simply awespme and the program isn't BLOATWARE like Media Player.

    Also you might want to get a memory program. There are tons available but I would suggest FreeRAM XP PRO to start. It is totally free(of course they would love and do deserve a Donation- that of course is up to you.

    You will need to read about and then set the prog to "AUTOFREE" every X number of minutes.
    I use it regilarly, it has a pretty low system drain, almost unnoticeable. You can get it at: or you can go to Simtel .net for a plethora !

    One more thing, try to avoid Visualizations, and unnecessary programs running in the bckround. Go over your SERVICES carefully and diable any you dont need. a FABU:OUS resource for info on Services is:

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    Try moniyoring the performance information in taxk manager. Focus on the available and system cache values under physical memory. I believe the cache should be increasing and available decreasing.