Memory Issue???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by neo090282, Sep 5, 2003.

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    Right i'll try and explain this as best i can.

    For the past 3-4 months I have started loosing main start up files on Windows XP, in the C:\windows\system32\ directory

    I have (best I know how to) tested everything as best I can.

    My system is a Xp 2200+ running at 1800Ghz, 512MB single Dimm, Windows Xp Service Pack 1, Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440, 6GB system hard drive and 80GB games, software etc hard-drive, 48x Cdrw and 18x DVD-ROM.

    Now, I have scanned both hard-drive repeatedly, no errors. I can only assume its a memory issue.

    I have up to date drivers for the modem, GFX card and Mo-Board.

    It seems to occur after a shutdown or re-boot. Sometimes it just looses the files?? All too regulary. I am going to check the DIMM and check its in right and for dust etc.

    It is becoming a major problem, it only takes 15mins to restore, but its very tedious.

    I would really appreciate some help with this and would very much look forward to some replies.

    I have also come into the knowledge that my memory is quicker than my CPU and my 6GB hard drive is 10Mbs per second slower than my 80GB one, could this mean anything?? Would clocking my Pc back up to full speed help?? Questions questions!

  2. LeeJend

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    RAM can't make files disappear.

    Do you have an up to date anti virus program installed? If not get one and run a scan of the entire system.

    Make sure all of the Microsoft Critical updates are installed as part of your "protection efforts".
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    I agree with LeeJend - RAM is not the problem. Do a surface scan of the HDD to make sure it's not developing bad sectors.

    Speeds of RAM, cpu and HDD's are not measured the same and are really independent. Regardless this would not cause loss of files.

    Why is the machine underclocked? Normally people try to overclock if anything.

    Maybe some specifics about error messages, exact files that are missing, etc might help.
  4. Taurus

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    the stock speed of the 2200+ is 1.8ghz. any faster and you'll be overclocking it.

    you didn't say if your memory was pc2700 or pc2100, but if it's pc2700 and running at 333mhz, it would be running faster than the frontside bus of the cpu (266mhz). that's normal for your kt333 chipset and it doesn't look like anything needs to be changed.

    i'm not sure about completely ruling out memory problems. unless it always runs fine once your in windows and never locks up. because memory errors can keep it from booting and will tell you there's a missing system file some of the time.

    i dunno, it's just that sometimes when i'm tweaking my memory and set something too aggressively, a lot of the time it will give me a blue screen or say there's a missing/corrupt system file upon bootup or will boot and lock up later at some point. once i back the memory off a little, it will boot fine.

    when it tells you about the missing file, have you tried to simply restart? do you get the same error? if it's intermittent, then i'd say it's memory.