Media Player Intercepts WinDVD

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by WorldWarGeneral, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. When I insert a DVD into the DVD-ROM drive, I get the auto-run box that asks what you want to do. You can play it in either Media Player or WinDVD. When I select WinDVD, Media Player launches anyway. I tried setting the auto run feature to always launch WinDVD when a DVD disc is inserted, but Media Player still launches in place of WinDVD. I launched WinDVD manually and it played the DVD normally. I checked in the "Set Program Access and Defaults" thing, but there isn't an option for DVDs. Is there something really simple I'm missing here? Why has Media Player taken over?

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    Hey General,

    Try altering the auto run handlers using the properties page of your DVD Drive or using TweakUI

    I don't know if TweakUI will let you delete the Media Pleyer handler, but try unchecking DVD Video.

    Try changing the file assocation in Explorer -> Tools -> File types -> None, DVD Video to WinDVD.

    Also, uncheck the DVD Video checkbox in MediaPlayer -> Tools -> Options -> File Types.


  3. Awesome, thanks Lukas. Unchecking the DVD Video in Media Player did the trick.
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    np General,

    I'm glad it worked :)